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Get your write on in 2014.

Small_f55c0d4a28267c9eae447b9403ce14e2 Gotham Writers' Workshop

You get invites all the time to open houses serving the same cubes of cheddar and plastic cups of Two-Buck Chuck. How about one with no wine or cheese, but free writing classes instead?

We'd love for you to try one or two of the many free classes we will be offering during the Gotham Writers Workshop Winter Open House on Tuesday, January 7 and Wednesday, January 8 in Manhattan.

You will meet our instructors, do a little writing, and get $30 off your first 6 or 10-week class. It's less boozy than other open houses but more inspiring.

- http://free.writingclasses.com

Gotham Writers Workshop

January 7 – 8 Daily, 7pm – 7pm, 9:15pm – 9:15pm

1450 Broadaway, 14th Floor (New York, NY, United States) Map it Free

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