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Mar Vista Farmers Market (Venice Blvd & Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066) Map it Free
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Mar Vista Farmers Market
October 13th
Venice Blvd & Grand View Blvd
Zip: 90066
9 am to 1:30 pm
(323) 212-5227 (LACS)

Swap costumes with other costume swappers
Learn how to host a Costume Swap Party!
Discover GMO free candy and snacks & discover great ideas for candy alternatives for Halloween
Discover creative ways to upcycle everyday type items into Halloween props & accessories
Pirates of Rogue Privateers is back and will show us how to be a pirate!
Armee and her fabulous skills in face painting
Donate costumes to a local good cause

How it works

Bring 1 costume and swap it for 1 costume, bring 3 costumes and swap it for 3 costumes or swap just 1 costume and donate the others. Any left over costumes and donated costumes will be donated to a local homeless child, teenager, parent and or adult.

For every costume donated, families will receive a swap ticket for a chance to win a raffle prize.

NOTE: Los Angeles Costume Swap will have only a very small supply costumes. The more people that bring costumes, the more costume swap choices.

For as long as kids have been going from neighbor to neighbor for Halloween treats parents have been handing down costumes from one child to another. However somewhere along the years buying disposable costumes replaced the fun of creating a costume and a character. National Costume Swap Day™ is bringing back the yesteryears of Halloween where friends and families gathered as a community and had just as much fun in the preparation for Halloween as they did the night of Halloween.

LACS would like to encourage you to do some fall cleaning by recycling adult and children's gently-used Halloween costumes. The concept: for every costume you bring, you can swap it for a different one, or you can simply donate costumes your family no longer needs. Swapping saves money, keeps unwanted items from filling up your local landfill and it’s free fun! Los Angeles Costume Swap also promotes replacing traditional candy with more sustainable options such as Honest Kids juice, Lärabars, Stretch Island Fruit strips, Plum Kids treats and creative crafty mini bags so kids and adults can make something after trick or treating.

- http://www.losangelescostumeswap.org/


Mar Vista Farmers Market (Venice Blvd & Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066) Map it Free
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More Event Info (https://www.facebook.com/CostumeSwap)
Bring clean costumes in great shape to swap. Bring t-shirts to turn into trick or treat bags or grocery bags. Save event for more information and special offers
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