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The greatest band in rock n' roll? Certainly one of the loudest.

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

If rock n’ roll were to become magically made flesh in some Disney-esque turn of events, an idea manifest suddenly as a human being, said entity would undoubtedly resemble the members of Guitar Wolf. The Japanese trio have been shattering eardrums since 1987 (although sadly now without Bass Wolf who passed away in 2005) with their Ramones-turned-up-to-11 attitude and raw take on the music they love. What other band could star in zombie movie with a built in drinking game predicated on the occurrence of fire shooting out of things, heads exploding, people coming their hair, and leather clad punks screaming “Rock and Roll!” at the top of their lungs?

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Guitar Wolf

Saturday, October 12, 2013 9:30pm

Bottom of the Hill (1233 17th Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it $13

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