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Don't know how to write a haiku? Here's your chance

42ee1d3be4fb51a9750160625a087607?s=50 Zane Van Dusen

Join me this Saturday morning and learn how to write a haiku and silk screen an item of your choice. Participants should bring in and item that is white and cotton based. The screen has a haiku from the upcoming poetry book Summer breaths. One lucky participant will win a tote bag. The class ends with a poetry reading from previous works by the poet.
Silk screening, poetry and a reading with amazing people all for the holiday price of six bucks.


721 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn
2/3/4/5/C to Franklin Ave
1pm-5pm; $5 suggested donation

Haiku And Silk Screening Class

Saturday, February 22 1pm

LaunchPad (721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238) Map it $5

  • 42ee1d3be4fb51a9750160625a087607?s=50
42ee1d3be4fb51a9750160625a087607?s=50 Added By Zane Van Dusen
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