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City Gem

A raucous day out celebrating liquor, ladies, pimps and poets.

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Charles Bukowski documented the down-and-out literary landscape of Los Angeles, transforming everyday whores, gamblers, and alcoholics into dubious demigods and antiheroes. Once dubbed a "laureate of American lowlife" by Time magazine, Bukowski isolated himself from Beat-era contemporaries such as William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, and Allen Ginsberg, but his version of America's downtrodden underbelly is a west-coast iteration of the now-emblematic postwar-era subculture. LA's own resident offbeat bus-tour company, Esotouric takes fans of Hank on a ride past the author's favorite haunts, from the Pink Elephant liquor store to his former apartment in Hollywood. It's a poetic journey full of rare insight into the life of a man who's come to represent the ghettoized contingency of the City of Angels.

Karin E. Baker Editor

Haunts of a Dirty Old Man: Charles Bukowski's Los Angeles

Saturday, January 18 12pm

Daily Dose Cafe (1820 Industrial Street, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it $58

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