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Come discover a new digital perspective in out HDR Photography seminar.

Small_d75dafce399ba4ca5aa936a09409efe1 Photo Manhattan

n this seminar students will be introduced to the fundamentals of HDR photography including: dynamic range, bracketed exposures, and digital post-processing. Students will go out to shoot with their instructor to create their images and end class by processing their own images on our laptops using Photoshop's HDR processing software. Bring a flash drive and your camera with fresh batteries, and the camera's manual if at hand. Students are encouraged to bring tripods as well, though PhotoManhattan will also have tripods available for use.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of aperture & shutter-speed are highly recommended but not necessary. $55

- http://www.photomanhattan.com/HDR-Photography-s/18886.htm

HDR Photography

Thursday, September 19, 2013 6pm – 9pm

PhotoManhattan (51 West 14TH ST, #2R. New York, NY 10011) Map it $55

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