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Discussion on trust in performative art practices w/artist Allison Berkoy & curator Emily Zimmerman

Small_8fc835a857ede9cdbeaafc7d1b809112 Emily Zimmerman

RU is an artist-centered organization dedicated to producing customized residency formats to support the creation, presentation, and dissemination of advanced contemporary art through strategic partnerships with collaborating institutions. Moving beyond the traditional studio model, RU supports local and international emerging and mid-career artists and curators, and is particularly committed to promoting multidisciplinary practices and to building lasting connections between residents and the broader arts community locally and globally.

- http://www.residencyunlimited.org/about/mission/

Held in Trust: Indeterminate Forms

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 7pm

Residency Unlimited (360 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY) Map it Free

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Small_8fc835a857ede9cdbeaafc7d1b809112 Added By Emily Zimmerman
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