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Performing Arts

WTF!? Where have our voices gone?

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

“I can’t understand what they’re saying!” is one of the more entertaining arguments traditionalists use against operas in English. Apparently sex, murder and mayhem are more reverential in foreign tongues. Joe Diebes' “Botch” looks at opera from a perspective that subscriber types may not like but others will appreciate. Set in a rehearsal room, the work is sung and spoken in English by four singers/collaborators (Christina Campanella, Michael Chinworth, John Rose, and Saori Tsukada), while their words are projected onto elevated flat screens. The performers conduct each other with hand gestures, cycling through intricately constructed audioscapes. Story and subtext have little place, as repetition and sound are what matter in this broken word opera. Diebes' end product makes for a unique listening experience.

Patricia Contino Editor

HERE presents Botch

November 12 – 23, 2013

HERE Arts Center (145 6th Avenue, New York, NY) Map it $20

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