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Performing Arts

A darkly comedic yet heartfelt 1980s adventure using puppetry, live music and special effects

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Poor Frank. Not only are his puppeteers dressed like evil spirits, he is pigeoned in his dull office reading an even duller employee safety manual. The audience isn't spared; everyone gets the same binder and endures the safety video with its nonsensical corporate-speak dramatized verbatim. From there Frank is subjected to a genuine "Pigeoning" from curious critters who drive him beyond distraction. His methods of dealing with the pesky space invaders are a series of comic sight gags involving such items as a Polaroid Land camera and Frank's very own pigeon puppet. Robin Frohardt's scenario includes a backstory that eventually unites man and beasts in a surprising, memorable way. Frank is easy to relate to because he looks and moves like a real person. And while the pigeons in this production are as persistent as the real kind, they are so much cuter.

Patricia Contino Editor

HERE presents "The Pigeoning"

December 3 – 22, 2013

HERE Arts Center (145 6th Avenue, New York, NY) Map it $20

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