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21+. Hot Mess! True stories.

5487d57c14eed295e36abba87668d7f9?s=50 Nancy Tubbs

Must be 21. Happy Hour 5-7pm. No Food on premise - bring your own.
Brittney-Spears-shave-your-head crazy to I-married-her-the-night-we-met-at-a-dog-park crazy. Stories of HOT MESS. Sometimes it's a Crock Pot full of Zoloft, Paxil - paired with a fine whine of 'What Was I Thinking?' Sure, it might be just just a blurry tattoo - inked by a nearsighted, over-caffinated chap who learned the trade behind bars; or perhaps a career path orchestrated to impress the cute redhead who works at Peets Coffee - but the results are the same. Hot. Mess.

Stories. True, told on stage, and without the approval of your mother.

One block from the '19th St.' Bart Station in Oakland. Corner of 19th/Telegraph. The Den at The Fox Theater

Melia Mills - LA Comic, (who has opened for Dave Chappell & appeared on CSI, The Practice, BET) Oakland raised, this girl has chops! Multi-talented - singer, writer, comic, performer, and she's in town to bring it. www.MeliaMills.com

Doug Cordell - former TV writer, Academy Awards judge, performer.
Gina Gold - Producer of TMI, Gina has stories up the wazoo. Friend and fan of animals, bees, and self-disclosure. The fourth Thurs. of every month she hosts her own storytelling show. She's a party on wheels!

Ira Marlowe - songwriter, singer, musician, funnyman, and amazing creator/producer of The Monkey House - Berkeley's 'Top Shelf' theater space. Just youtube 'Yoga Teacher' - a BustingOut favorite!

HP Mendoza - film director, screenwriter, actor, and producer of features and short films. And he can play music on an itty bitty tiny pink piano. Creativity oozes from his pores. Credentials - Need more? Check out his Wikipedia page. www.wikipedia.org/wiki/H.P._Mendoza

Kwame Nikito - He's back with more! Oakland businessman with a past that he ain't afraid to put under the spotlight. Teach, preacher!

2/$20 adv. online or 1/$20 @ the door. 21+.

Presented by Kay DeMartini Presents

Hot Mess!

Thursday, January 16 7:30pm

The Den at the Fox Theater (1912 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612) Map it $20

  • 5487d57c14eed295e36abba87668d7f9?s=50
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5487d57c14eed295e36abba87668d7f9?s=50 Added By Nancy Tubbs
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