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This is a multidisciplinary performance inquiry into Gay masculinity

I Am A Man

Small_237cffe65acff05b6ca9be6e26994fd5 The Marsh Theater

San Francisco–Bay Area performance artist, poet, dancer, actor and activist Dazié Rustin Grego returns to the stage to offer audiences I AM A MAN, an exploration of gender expectations and masculinity. This new original work is Grego’s protest response to the slaying of Jorge Steven Mercado, a Puerto Rican teenager whose killer solicited him for sex, believing him to be a female. When it was discovered that Mercado was in fact male, he was murdered, decapitated, dismembered, and burned.

This multidisciplinary solo work focuses on the ways in which gay men of color claim and hold their masculinity, Gay Effeminate and Butch alike. This is a masterfully told story full of deep thought provoking characters with a richness and honesty that is rarely scene. In the spirit of the Pomo Afro Homo's this work brings you deeply into the core of what is Black and Gay.

I AM A MAN takes a unique look at masculinity from a gay male perspective. “Historically, we have been conditioned to define gender and sexuality norms from the viewpoint of the heterosexual community,” Grego explains, “but maleness exists regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. I AM A MAN maintains a core identity based in manhood while bending the ideologies around what it actually means to be a man.”

Dazié Rustin Grego is a Bay Area based performance artist, poet and dancer. His work is often described as being unapologetic grounded and thought provoking. He began as a writer who became compelled to share his work using his own voice. After performing as a spoken word artist for a decade he collaborated with and joined TheDeepDickolective one the nations first Black Gay Hip-Hop group.

In 2005 he attended New College San Francisco’s Experimental Performance Institute where he was able to hone his skills as an artist acquiring a degree in Performance Poetry with an emphasis on Queer Activism. Since then Dazie has collaborated and performed with several ensembles including The Pomo Afro Homo’s “Feirce Love Remix” and “Rites of Passage” at the New Conservatory Theater.

He has been an artist in residence at both Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory 2010 and The Garage as part of the National Queer Arts Festival 2013. It is Dazié intention to create work that is rooted in poetry but stretches the imagination of both himself as an artist but those of the audience to see how far poetry can take us.

I Am A Man

  • Small_237cffe65acff05b6ca9be6e26994fd5
Small_237cffe65acff05b6ca9be6e26994fd5 Added By The Marsh Theater