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Musican, Photographer, DJ Moby showcases his second photo exhibit, Innocents.

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Since Moby moved to Hollywood in 2010, he has become fascinated by Hollywood Hills’ hidden history, as well as an obsession with cults and the passion and extremes pursued for personal reinvention. In Innocent’s lush and ominous large-scaled photographs, captured in garish color, Moby invites audiences to step into the scenes in which individuals and groups, wearing masks and white robes, attempt to make personal and collective sense of the apocalypse. Plastic masks, some store-bought animal faces and others Day of the Dead inspired, all take on a more ominous feel in the context of these images. Covering not only the face, they mask the darker emotions and motivations that we hide even from ourselves – fear, shame, and a hedonistic willingness to try anything to succeed and fill the voids. Reinvention – spiritual, physical, psychological – is carried out in the extreme in these documented rituals.

This work continues Moby’s practice of taking pictures of the normal and exposing their oddness, as well as taking the odd and presenting it as normal. The series was shot over the last three years in Hollywood and the surrounding environs, co-current with the creation of his latest album, Innocents, released in October 2013.

Innocents by Moby

February 21 – March 30

PROJECT Gallery (1553 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it Free

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E9196b7c64320b36286855d4a69e0538?s=50 Added By Jen DiSisto
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