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The DFA co-founder and dance-punk legend plays a rare show in Brooklyn.


Input | James Murphy vs. Eric Duncan

Output (74 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) Map it
Editor Pick
Editor Pick

James Murphy needs no introduction in New York. The man practically started a movement by himself over a decade ago with LCD Soundsystem and DFA Records. With a brash sound, some synthesizers, and cheeky, sometimes self-depricating humor, Murphy helped breath life back into a city that was suffocating under its own weight of boring indie rock. With LCD Soundsystem put to rest in 2011, Murphy has gained a sort of cult reverence among contemporaries and the up-and-coming, and is free to tour at will, give talks, and generally make awesome things happen. Tonight, Murphy goes turntable-to-turntable with Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks. The Los Angeles-born artist best known for his involvement with Rub n Tug, has been fortifying his solo career of late and should prove a formidable opponent. Let battle DJ begin.

Dennis Lynch, Editor

Input | James Murphy vs. Eric Duncan

Output (74 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) Map it
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More Event Info (http://outputclub.com/thu-jul-25-2013/)
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