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Internet cat videos and celebrity felines in person at this follow up to last years popular festival

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

The internet has given mankind so many gifts since it’s modern iteration first came into use in the mid 1980’s. There’s the instant access to huge stores of human knowledge, like the Wikipedia page I just used to find out the approximate age of the web. Music, film, art, information: all available at the press of a button. Perhaps the internet’s greatest contribution, though, has been the advent of the celebrity cat. Videos of felines like Maru and Lil Bub being just truly holy crap adorable and/or unbelievably still totally cute but really really stupid are, for whatever reason, the best. thing. ever. For the second year in a row, the Internet Cat Video Festival celebrates the best of the best of online footage of cats being cats with screenings and guest appearances by the celebrities themselves.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Internet Cat Video Festival at The Uptown Nightclub

Sunday, January 19 6pm

The Uptown Nightclub (1928 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA) Map it $17

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