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Performing Arts

Site-specific, contemporary opera at Union Station.

Small_dbc16ad3afe22c91229f7472b5781fff Kenneth Hughes

The Industry partners with LA Dance Project to put on this site-specific, contemporary opera at Los Angeles Union Station. The tale reveals explorer Marco Polo narrating to Kublai Khan, conqueror of China, about remarkably lavish cities of the world — or is it our deepest personal places? The layered immersion occurs by spreading the opera throughout Union Station where you wander with Sennheiser wireless headphones to discover it all amongst the life of the train station. The grace of the opera and dance elevates all the busy train-goers, homeless, and partiers seeking their rave up the street. Often the civilians get swept up in the semi-clandestine performances because they can hear or see the performers in front of them. The opera attendees hear everything performed wherever they go in their wireless headsets, including the live orchestra and all the singers in front of them, still hearing them when they explore the historical building and grounds. Everything is peeled away during the experience, leaving the discovery of all the beauty in the random moments in front of you. Discovering who in the train station will end up having an opera singer sitting next to them or how someone will respond to seven dancers suddenly and purposefully performing in the garden is a deep part of the experience. Finally, watching opera attendees give their headsets to station pedestrians for a listen is just a sublime part of discovering all of our own "Invisible Cities."

- Kenneth Hughes

Invisible Cities

October 19 – November 17, 2013 Daily, 8pm

Union Station (800 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012) Map it $50

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