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Zimmerman's newest exhibition explores the use of color in technical mastery

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R & Company is pleased to announce JEFF ZIMMERMAN, the artist’s fourth solo exhibition. The exhibition will consist of a new body of work that highlights Zimmerman’s technical mastery of the medium and how his process continues to reinterpret and redefine the use of glass. New additions to his unique crinkled vessel series will be included in the exhibition, as well as Multiverse, a new series inspired by the scale and patterns of the cosmos.

Zimmerman takes as his starting point the old-world traditions of glass making handed down from Italian maestros and adds a contemporary element by manipulating the glass by hand, working with what he refers to as “controlled accidents” to design in response to the material’s unstable nature. His method introduces a spirit of spontaneity into this extremely controlled process.

For this exhibition, Zimmerman explores the use of color in varying degrees. His newest series of vessels range from muted pastels to deeper hues, creating an extraordinary visual depth through gradations of clear, mirrored, and colored glass in a single piece. The artist also adds an element of surprise to the objects with more saturated color by tucking a crystal-like piece of glass into the folds of the vessel.

- http://www.r-and-company.com

Jeff Zimmerman

January 21 – March 8

R & Company (82 Franklin Street, New York, NY, United States) Map it

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