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Holmberg reflects on the oddities of quickly produced footage & subjectivity of framed information

Cleopatra’s is pleased to present a solo presentation by New York based artist Joel Holmberg. The exhibition titled, New Videos and CNN Footage, includes seven single channel videos. As the exhibition title denotes, each video contains either tactfully culled CNN Footage or “observational films” made by the artist. Both modes of video similarly adapt an immediacy with filming techniques. The camera is foremost concerned with documenting information and less concerned with creating an aesthetic object. In both instances, formal decisions are made on the fly with no time to second guess themselves. In the “observational films” Holmberg focuses the camera long enough to reach a level of satisfaction, or for enough information for the viewer to bear witness. While some documentary style filmmakers can be labeled “film-essayists”, Holmberg’s brief quips are more aligned with the storytelling of the local news. Holmberg's films reflect on the oddities of quickly produced footage and the lopsided subjectivity of framed information.

Joel Holmberg has previously exhibited at the New Museum, NY; Outpost, Norwich, UK; The Museum of the Moving Image, NY; American Contemporary, NY. He is a member of the web based collective Nasty Nets and studied at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA and Yale University, New Haven, CT.

Mindy Bond Editor

Joel Holmberg: New Videos and CNN Footage

January 26 – February 23

Cleopatra's (110 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States) Map it Free

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