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Aster presents optically intricate oil paintings that expand upon pattern and mark making.

5c6369606216a1092504fd24357f17c9?s=50 Marieke Treilhard

(Los Angeles) - Edward Cella Art + Architecture is pleased to announce the exhibition: Innerverse, by Joshua Aster. In his debut project with ECAA, Aster presents optically intricate oil paintings that expand upon the artist’s ongoing investigations into pattern and mark making. Embracing a broader interest in the re emergence of pattern, Aster’s use of tools and repetitive forms are transformed though his intuitive color sensibility and innovative aggregation into lyrical yet dynamic abstractions. Ultimately, Aster’s process is the key to the manifestation of his concept, with each exploration driven by different systems of arrangement and mark making.

In his newest series of works, Aster begins a painting by collecting objects, for instance remnants of broken dishware or fraying baskets, from around his home or gifted by friends. Arranging these objects on the canvas, Aster traces their shadows, alert to the myriad of visual possibilities each remnant possesses. The systematic transfer of a three dimensional form to a two dimensional surface creates complex and diverse sets of patterns that the artist guides to become an open visual language with which to consider the distance between reality and visual illusion.

- http://edwardcella.com/html/exhibinfo.asp?exnum=1911

Joshua Aster: Innerverse

January 11 – March 1

Edward Cella Art + Architecture (6018 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA) Map it Free

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