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Over the past decade, Dr. Herndon has been working with remote tribes across South America

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Christopher Herndon is a physician at the University of California, San Francisco. Over the past decade he has been working with remote tribes across Suriname, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela. His research found that shamans have a complex and remarkable understanding of disease concepts, that are comparable to Western medical science. In a world in which profound environmental and cultural change is transforming traditional societies, the healing knowledge of the shaman is rapidly disappearing. In his talk, Dr. Herndon will be discussing his experiences learning from Amazonian healers on the relevance of traditional medicine to conservation and the importance of shamanism to their medical systems – and to our own.

The talk will start at 7PM.

- http://www.boneroompresents.com

Dr. Christopher Herndon: Learning from Tribal Healers

Thursday, August 15, 2013 7pm – 9pm

The Bone Room Presents (1573 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA) Map it Free

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