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A massive weekend of music, art, meditation, and more.

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With the continued evolution of über-large weekend-music fests, Lightning in a Bottle is remarkable for its strong bent on sustainability and mindful practices. There's a wide reach and diverse scope of music and modern-day ceremony, including many unique experiences such as a tea temple and massive outdoor yoga classes. You never come back the same, no matter how many times you make the pilgrimage. There are talks, pop-up shows, real-time painters and artists, and vegetarian food served on biodegradable dinnerware. As for lodging options, consider camping at Lake Skinner to complete your Earthly re-birthing. In the proverbial Age of Aquarius, you do not just attend this festival — you alight in a full-fledged paradigm shifting vortex.

- Kenneth Hughes, Flavorpill

Lightning in a Bottle

July 11 – 15, 2013

Lake Skinner (37701 Warren Road, Winchester, CA 92596) Map it $90

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