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Lightning in a Bottle Los Angeles Pre-Party feat. Alex and Allyson Grey, Sweater Beats, Sugarpill


Lightning in a Bottle Los Angeles Pre-Party featuring Alex and Allyson Grey, Sweater Beats, Sugarpill and Soulular

King King (6555 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA) Map it $20
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Join us on April 25th for the Los Angeles Pre-Party featuring Alex and Allyson Grey, Sweater Beats, Sugarpill and Soulular at King King. This event is presented by The Do LaB and Euphonic Conceptions. Tickets are now on sale.

Get tickets: http://bit.ly/LALIB2014Preparty

-- About Lightning in a Bottle --

Lightning in a Bottle happens Memorial Day Weekend May 22nd-26th 2014 at San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA. Join us at our brand new location for our best year yet! Tickets are now on sale: http://lightninginabottle.org/

-- About the Artists --


Alex Grey

Alex Grey is best known for his paintings which portray multiple dimensions of reality, interweaving biological anatomy with psychic and spiritual energies. Grey’s visual meditation on the nature of life and consciousness, the subject of his art, is contained in five books. His two monographs, Sacred Mirrors and Transfigurations, follow the history of Grey's artistic life. The Mission of Art and Art Psalms reflect on art as a spiritual practice. The book, CoSM, co-authored with Allyson Grey, provides a guided tour of the New York City installationinstallationarrow-10x10 of the the Sacred Mirrors collection. Grey’s world-renowned career includes exhibitions and keynote addresses from Basel to Tokyo to Sao Paulo, and features on the Discovery Channel, the CBC, in Newsweek and Time magazines. Grey's art has been used on albums for the multi-platinum bands Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Tool, and String Cheese Incident. Grey’s most outstanding and widely appreciated works of transformative art were exhibited for five years in the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City.

Allyson Grey

Born in 1952, I have been a partner to Alex Grey since 1975. We met at the Boston Museum School where I received a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. I've had one person shows at Stux Gallery and O.K. Harris Gallery in NYC, among others. Commissions of permanent public works include a twenty-four foot mural at the First Bank of Lowell, Massachusetts. My paintings have been collected by many corporations and individuals. I paint and collaborate with my husband, the internationally acclaimed artist, Alex Grey, and the film actress daughter, Zena Grey. Alex and I live both in Brooklyn, New York and at CoSM in Wappinger, New York. Compelled to create spiritual art since my spiritual opening on LSD in 1970, I have been attracted to abstraction and an untranslatable symbol system of sacred language.

Sacred writing of all faiths, however, come into conflict through human interpretation as the written word defines the differences of philosophy and traditions, when truely the basis of all religion is unity and infinite love. In my teens, I began writing automatically in an invented or transmitted language. Looking at the works can call to mind the experience of viewing an illuminated text in a foreign language and religion. Often combined in my paintings, Chaos, Order and Secret Writing portray symbols of an essentialized view of all existence. Chaos symbolizes the material world. Chaos is order plus entropy. Order suggests the bliss realms of interconnectedness experienced in transcendental states. Secret writing represents the mysterious language of creative expression through symbol systems.


Seducing the world via his own brand of dream-soaked pop and lushed out r&b, Antonio Cuna, aka Sweater Beats, is a force to be reckoned with. Since the release of his single "MLLN DLLR" on Bondax's Justus Recordings in 2012, Cuna has garnered support from tastemakers like Diplo and Annie Mac, and has delivered standout mixes for Boiler Room, SSENSE, and Red Bull Studios. His debut EP for Symbols (“That Feel”) sees Antonio implementing more organic instrumentation, as well as original vocals, and the finished product is a strong vision of the future of Pop and R&B. Sweater Beats’ next project is slated for LA imprint and long-time affiliate Huh, What & Where for early 2014.


Combining an array of meticulously tweaked polytemponic beats, explosive basslines, and soaring melodies, Sugarpill fluidly melds sounds into a crunked-out speaker shaking musical escapade. The Sugarpill sound and live experience defies the boundaries of genre-centric electronic music and ventures into a multidimensional musical realm that unites fans across a vast spectrum. With sounds that churn audiences in visceral dance while simultaneously captivating the imagination through soulful harmony, Sugarpill continues to break ground at the forefront of the West-Coast future sound.


Soulular Vibrations bring mind stimulation and heart activation, in a fresh blend of synthetic and organic sound manipulation, with original, interesting arrangements and lush atmospheres – shaped by hard intricate beats, deep bass and spacey dub effects, with soulful harmonies and sexy melodies. Deeply saturated with love and honest intentions, Soulular is quality music for quality people.

-- Event Details --

April 25th 2014

King King
6555 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
*Entrance is through the back

This event is 21+

Get tickets: http://bit.ly/LALIB2014Preparty

- The Do LaB

Lightning in a Bottle Los Angeles Pre-Party featuring Alex and Allyson Grey, Sweater Beats, Sugarpill and Soulular

King King (6555 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA) Map it $20
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