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Trance and house from London based producer Paul Rose aka Scuba

Small_a252b9ab82466d3c663ab48a44dfa345 Cooper Berkmoyer

Even though he no longer lives in the country, it’s hard to imagine what London’s musical landscape would look like without the influence of Scuba, born Paul Rose. The Hotflush label head, DJ, producer and promoter cut his teeth with jungle and techno equally in London, eventually becoming involved with local pirate radio and some of the formative club nights in dubstep. Rose and his label’s early activity in the London scene led to a long-standing association with the genre, but he quickly proved versatile as his own productions (and Hotflush releases) began to extend into the wider realm of electronic music.

Following on the promise of his controversial-but-ubiquitous trance-baiting single “Adrenalin” in 2011, Personality showed off a vibrant new world for Scuba, stretching his legs out into everything from prog house to drum & bass to techno with an arsenal of rich synths and melodies. An album that Pitchfork called “stylishly retro, all coated in a futuristic 2012 sheen.” It’s his most accessible and high-profile release yet, and represents a new chapter in Scuba’s continued climb to the highest echelons of electronic music.

- Mezzanine

Lights Down Low present Scuba & DJ Hell at Mezzaine

Thursday, February 6 9pm

Mezzanine (444 Jessie St, San Francisco, CA 94103) Map it $18

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