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Performing Arts

Suicide after his graveyard shift but not before his life replays out at the gas/store in full.

Small_dbc16ad3afe22c91229f7472b5781fff Kenneth Hughes

Sacred Fools brings another original play, this time showing a mans inability to navigate from his expectations of himself out of the reality of where he ended up. He works the graveyard shift at a convenience gas store adding to his challenge. The absurdity of humans that traffic through the gas/food station is tragically hilarious and obviously based on someones actual experiences. This weight of societal expectation adding to his own is what fuels his plan to kill himself at the end of his shift. The show plays effectively with re-creating cinema techniques found often in these types of self-loathing/isolation films with the unexpected joyful dance breaks, reality and sub-reality intersections without warning or, where the lead is moving slowly and all the other people are moving at hyper speed. Each of these emotional cinema tricks when used in live theatre is humorous and offers another layer to their effectiveness. To be cool or not to be cool is the question that John Travolta and a number of his characters from various films and musicals seek to help answer before the end of the shift.

- Kenneth Hughes

Live! From the Last Night of my Life

November 15 – December 21, 2013 Daily, 8pm

Sacred Fools Theatre Company (660 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90004) Map it $20

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