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A virtual reality visionary discusses the future of libraries & the expanding grasp of the Internet

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Computer scientist and virtual reality visionary Jaron Lanier takes on the open source movement in his latest book, Who Owns The Future? Now realizing that the middle class is suffering as a result of all this free information swirling around in the mainframes (or "Siren Servers" as he refers to them) of companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google, Lanier advocates that it's time someone started paying. He also argues that libraries and the world of reading are taking a large hit from the rise of the Siren Servers. Tonight, as part of the Live from the NYPL series, Lanier sits down with Paul Holdengräber to discuss the future of libraries, as well as field questions regarding the Internet's ever-expanding grasp.

Mindy Bond Editor

LIVE from the NYPL: Jaron Lanier

Thursday, October 10, 2013 7pm

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (NYPL) (455 5th Avenue, New York, NY) Map it $25

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