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Performing Arts

Amazing homegrown festivals to classical symphony performances and avant-garde theatre.

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From amazing homegrown festivals to classical symphony performances and avant-garde theatre, Long Beach has it all and it's all happening this October.

The Arts Council for Long Beach invites you to get involved in Long Beach Arts Month, an annual program that renews awareness and support for local arts with the following:


"Opportunities to enjoy the arts occur every day," said John Glaza, Executive Director of the Arts Council for Long Beach. "Long Beach Arts Month makes it even easier to go see a play, or visit a gallery, or listen to live music, or take an art workshop, or attend a book club. Find hundreds of great things to do at LongBeachArtsMonth.org/Calendar."

Many of the events promoted at LongBeachArtsMonth.org are free, interactive events, including an expert-led photography tour of the Port of Long Beach which will result in a gallery showing of attendees' works.


The Arts Council for Long Beach invites Instagram users to post photos of the arts--whether arts experiences, or of beauty they find in the city--to a digital community mural called "The Great Wall of Long Beach" simply by hash tagging their Instagrams with #artslb. The Great Wall can be accessed anytime at LongBeachArtsMonth.org.

Arts Egg

Like the Blarney Stone in Ireland that legendarily bequeaths those who kiss it "the gift of gab," the art egg is a symbolic creative energizer. Long Beach artists, writers, and creatives can visit the art egg in October to touch it and renew their creative energies.

The art egg will be on display at The Collaborative, a gallery located at 421 W. Broadway in downtown Long Beach, throughout October. The Collaborative is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Varies by event, from free to $25+

Presented by Arts Council for Long Beach.

- http://www.longbeachartsmonth.org

Long Beach Arts Month

October 12 – 31, 2013

Long Beach (Long Beach, CA) Map it Free

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