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This massive party feat. Mimosa, PanTy Raid, RJD2 and a dj set by Moby,


Low Society and Unicorn Meat NYC Present Surreal

Secret Warehouse (Near the Montrose L stop, Brooklyn, New York) Map it $50

Dictionary: Surrealism, n. Pure psychic automatism, by which one proposes to express, either verbally, in writing, or by any other manner, the real functioning of thought.

Surrealist artwork strives to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example, by using elements of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions, and non-sequitur imagery.

A break from certainty frees the fantastical to trump familiarity, permitting never-before-seen images to glide in and out of your field of perception. Taking a breath, you allow this unconscious force to paint new strokes with previously unseen colors on the canvas that is your mind’s eye. Visuals become inverted, sounds distorted, time and space itself seems to warp, twisting and turning with each pivot of your thoughts. Suddenly, beneath your feet you feel the texture of a billion grains of sand. You look down and up again, now finding yourself amidst a desert – a truly deserted, blank slate of consciousness. “Where am I?” you ask, placed in a symbolic terrain as ancient as awareness itself. You rub your eyes, second-guessing your surroundings. Only there’s no “waking up.”

Déjà Vu, an unexpected synchronicity, or a brief moment of lucidity triggers a panicked anxiety – are you awake or dreaming? Does it matter? When you give yourself permission to forego an answer, that is the moment your quest of surreality begins.

As faces and figures seem to formulate against a backdrop of seemingly endless arid wilderness, you wonder to yourself, “Are these human or mirage?” A deep breath allows the anxieties of rigid rationality to subside; allowing for a recommitment to consent for the free flow of the imaginative mind to lead you.

Recognizing that the reign of logic has enacted a reign of terror on your freedom of thought, you allow the imagination to reassert itself into the forefront of your consciousness. Imagination reclaims its right to guide your mind into new and uncharted territory.

Walls begin to surround you. Familiar sounds that provoke a vibratory balancing act of each part of your body – a dance at its most primal begins, choreographed by collective response to the beat. To their electric soundtrack, a mental dance ensues, a fierce flirtation between imagination and madness.

You take a closer look at the crowd and recognize your mutual anonymity. Faces meld into masks, and outfits are adorned with accessories that trigger recollections of the just something so familiar. A sea of thousands of people for a night transformed into characters and caricatures, cartoons and collective memories. Representations of a cultural zeitgeist, alongside a thoughtful homage to historical heroes. A quick survey of your surroundings reveals a few fellow revelers whose articulated attire (or lack thereof) triggers the best of your primal desires, while others invoke and challenge the nightmarish figures buried in the depth of your shadow self. These are not costumes. These are transformations. Inspirations of an imagination newly unfettered. A temporary metamorphosis which, for a brief series of moments, appears to pierce the boundary between person and persona; perforating the barriers of mind upheld by the ego – turning our faces and bodies themselves into the expressions of the unconscious. Egos have been checked at the door, and for a night everyone is free to be someone else.
The crowd’s movement synchronizes with the electronic sounds flowing from wall to wall, and through each and every body in between. A spontaneous symphony of movement erupts amongst a vast spectrum of individuals. In this extreme expression of individuality you find yourself intuitively connected to the whole.

The progression of musical keys moves further to unlock the unconscious, allowing mind and body to drift beyond the rigid restrictions we have collectively placed on consciousness. When the initial sense of marvel subsides safely, you will open your eyes and notice the sonar key-masters behind this journey through lucidity. The soundtrack for the Surreal experience will be the aural waking dream: the reverberations of RJD2’s live performance, the primal low-frequency rumblings of Mimosa, and the marvelous meandering through the deeper layers of musicality with the man known to us as “Moby.”

Loosen the chains on your consciousness. Breath deeply, free your body and mind, and allow yourself an escape into the Surreal.

Mindy Bond, Editor

Low Society and Unicorn Meat NYC Present Surreal

Secret Warehouse (Near the Montrose L stop, Brooklyn, New York) Map it $50
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