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Discover Futurist Music with Luciano Chessa's recreations of Luigi Russolo's Intonarumori

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Editor Pick

In addition to revolutionizing art and architecture at the beginning of the 20th century, laying the theoretical foundation of ideologies that would one day lead to the spread of fascism throughout Europe, and designing tables that would rumble with the sound of a car engine to increase the pleasure and ease of digestion, the Italian Futurists were also the first noise musicians. Luigi Russolo’s first concert of Futurist Music famously precipitated a riot, and the body of instruments he created for the occasion known as Intonarumori were long ago lost to the ages. Until, that is, a dedicated body of musicians and artists recreated these infamous instruments from Russolo’s designs. Luciano Chessa brings futurist back to life with his re-created Intonarumori with his touring show The Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Luciano Chessa and His Intonarumori at the BAM/PFA

Friday, December 13, 2013 7:30pm

Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA) (2626 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA) Map it $7

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