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Fantuzzi's Rainbow Concert For Peace feat. niceFingers.


Luminous Movement

Zanzibar (1301 5th St, Santa Monica, CA) Map it $10
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Celebrating the global rainbow family, international touring artist Fantuzzi bridges the divide and brings together the masses for this conscious peace gathering to unite the tribes worldwide! Also, special guest niceFingers will be activating the dance floor with their high vibrational electronic dance music!

Fantuzzi is a charismatic, high energy performer who will definitely get you movin'! Meet the man that Newsweek Magazine put on its cover to symbolize the gathering of the original 1969 Woodstock Concert.

He has performed the world over, describing his music as "Transformational, ecstatic, World-Beat rhythm with the soul of Latin/African Reggae" -- mashing up Salsa to Niabinge, Rock to Reggae and all folk and tribal styles in between.

Fantuzzi is an Ambassador of Joy and a Global Troubadour, performing at tribal and musical gatherings in over 50 countries. Since "The Summer of Love," to the present, Fantuzzi has freakwently been found leading musicians in many spiritual and musical gatherings.

One thing you can be sure of, a concert with Fantuzzi, spiced with his unique background and shining spirit, is nothing less than a high-energy meditational celebration for the healing of body, mind and soul!

Fantuzzi will be supported by AVI of NAKED RHYTHM amongst an array of musicians.

Comprised of members Nick Waterhouse and Dave Schneider, niceFingers is passionate about bringing lovable, amazing, uplifting, bumpin and straight dirty music to your eardrums.

Recently reunited after living on different continents, these two musicians spent 2011 exploring the realms of intercontinental beat making. Being back in the same studio since 2012, niceFingers released their 4 track EP 'imagiNative' on Street Ritual Records in January of 2013. With a full summer tour schedule and another EP in the works, niceFingers has continued to churn out a plethora of unique remixes and originals.

It is no surprise that niceFingers has morphed into a composition/production duo determined to blend and bend the bass genre into something all their own. Delivering only the freshest tracks to satisfy your musical hunger, sit back and enjoy as the niceFinger vision continues to mature and evolve.

Luminous Movement

Zanzibar (1301 5th St, Santa Monica, CA) Map it $10
  • D192a82c3fb296dc7e920663e4954838?s=50
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D192a82c3fb296dc7e920663e4954838?s=50 Added By Lu Fam Pro Luminous Movement
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