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Journey into the secret world of hot peppers

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Here's a heated discussion that we're all fired up about. The Masters of Social Gastronomy, the purveyors of "the best food lectures you'll ever meet in Brooklyn," are hitting the sauce tonight - the hot sauce that is. This evening's talk covers such spicy topics as the history of Sriracha, the kick delivered by Thai food, the secret ingredient in Indian vindaloo, and the silent ferocity of the ghost pepper. This edition of the popular series pop-ups at Littlefield.

Mindy Bond Editor
Picture?width=50&height=50 Mindy Bond

This month, the Masters of Social Gastronomy break into the secret world of hot peppers to pull back the curtain on everyone's favorite Rooster-branded hot sauce and the worldwide affection for spicy, spicy food.

Follow sriracha from its humble baby-food-jar beginnings to its current status as a Tabasco-challenging juggernaut. We'll take a behind-the-scenes look at its California factory and see how sriracha just might be as American as apple pie.

Once you escape the potatoes-and-cream tyranny of European cuisine, a culinary dedication to heat can be found everywhere. We'll examine what makes Thai food tick and where Indian vindaloo gets its muscle. From mild jalapeños to record-holders like the Ghost Pepper and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, find out what makes a veggie pack such a powerful punch!

- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/burnin-down-the-mouth-sriracha-ghost-peppers-and-history-of-heat-tickets-10377456251

Masters of Social Gastronomy: Burnin' Down The Mouth: Sriracha, Ghost Peppers, and History of Heat

Tuesday, February 25 7:30pm

Littlefield (622 Degraw St., Brooklyn) Map it Free

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