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America's foremost shoegaze pioneers make a triumphant return to the stage

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

How Medicine managed to slip under the shoegaze appreciation radar for so long is a mystery. With the army of bands trying to sound like My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive these days, it’s staggering that a casual mention of America’s greatest contributor of fuzzy dreamscapes somehow got left out in the cold, evoking a bewildered “who?” more often than gushing praise. After Captured Tracks reissued their first two LPs in 2012, though, the Los Angeles answer to the British and Scottish wave of shoegaze that surged across the Atlantic in the early 90’s finally got the attention that they had been sorely lacking, and prompted one of the best bands of their era to return to the stage. No longer wallowing in out of print obscurity since their break-up in 1995, Medicine are back with a new record and tour, the first since a brief and tantalizing reunion in 2003, and before that, 1995.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor


Thursday, November 7, 2013 10pm

1015 Folsom (1015 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it $15

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