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Millicent Gappell is exploring her 80's as a post-millennial glass artist and blogger.

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“Becoming the Muse: Breaking Through to Your Third Life” is an intimate salon for artist Millicent Gappell to share the creative path that has helped her flourish in her 80’s. It will feature Millicent’s most recent glass assemblage pieces and her hard-cover book “The Art of Myths And Music,” available for purchase. After a lifetime as an educator and pianist, and now a fine artist and blogger focusing on the world of Greek gods and goddesses, the 80-year old artist will discuss candidly how she has entered into the most prolific time of her life and what got her there.
“It’s unfortunately common in our society to view life after retirement as the end. Women especially are expected to retreat and become invisible,” Millicent says of what inspired her to speak on this topic. “I refused to become invisible, and am living the most fulfilling chapter of my life.” The idea of a Third Life came when Millicent consciously devoted herself to artistic freedom - a freedom she found in breaking glass and using the shards to assemble beautiful works of art, telling the stories of the gods and goddesses that inspired her.

Artist profile ---> http://vimeo.com/55047557

Millicent Gappell is a leading post-millennial glass artist, concert pianist, speaker, and author based in Los Angeles, California. Millicent speaks frequently to audiences ranging from university students to art patrons and travels extensively to the world's art and music capitals. She divides her home time between her Southern and Northern California residences. Go to www.millicentgappell.com to learn more.

Millicent Gappell: "Becoming the Muse: Breaking Through to Your Third Life"

Sunday, June 30, 2013 3pm – 5pm

The Last Bookstore (453 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA) Map it Free

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