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An insider's perspective on some of the less-discussed challenges of life in space

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

With the help of Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity and COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey, space exploration seems to be a hot topic these days. And while it may seem glamorous, there is definitely more to tripping through the solar system then gazing at stars and knowing how to fly a spaceship. What about eating or taking a shower? These can’t possibly be easy tasks when you’re functioning in zero gravity. For tonight’s talk, astronaut Charlie Camarda and space nutritionist Sara Zwart sit down with Dave Mosher of Popular Science to discuss some of the more mundane realities of life in space.

Mindy Bond Editor
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Going to space is the ultimate adventure, but it's also fraught with challenges — some big and some small. The tiniest margin of error can determine if a mission is a success or a failure. But other concerns, though far less dramatic, are also important to those who venture into the final frontier. Concerns like what to make for dinner and how to eat it in zero gravity.

Astronaut Charlie Camarda and space nutritionist Sara Zwart chat with Dave Mosher of Popular Science, giving us an insider's perspective on some of the less-discussed challenges of life in space. They'll talk about what it's like to go to space, how astronauts keep themselves healthy in literally out-of-this-world conditions, and how space-based research is helping scientists better understand the human body and its needs, both on and off the Earth.

- http://www.nyas.org/Events/Detail.aspx?cid=14327a94-328d-42ce-9544-9bde392ec282

Mis/Adventures in Science: How to Make Eggs in Space

Thursday, March 13 6:30pm – 8pm

The New York Academy of Sciences (250 Greenwich Street, 40th floor, New York, NY 10007) Map it $25

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