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Heaven knows I'm miserable now, but I love to karaoke.

Small_7c891b145b040a09c2e53872fc5881a5 Karin E. Baker

Pop culture fanatics know that a huge contingent of Mexican-Americans love Morrissey, so it’s fitting that Eastside Luv is home to Moz-style karaoke. There’s no bouncy ball, but download the lyrics to your favorite Smiths and Morrissey songs, and Eastside Luv’s DJ will play the songs and videos (turned down so your voice can be heard). Now, next time you inwardly plead “Please, please, please, let me get what I want,” you've got it - if it’s the first Thursday of the month.

- Karin E. Baker, Flavorpill

MorrisseyOke (aka Morrissey Karaoke)

Thursday, February 6 8pm

Eastside Luv (1835 East 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it Free

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Small_7c891b145b040a09c2e53872fc5881a5 Added By Karin E. Baker
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