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Cheryl Dunye (THE WATERMELON WOMAN, THE OWLS) think tank panel of Bay Area media artists


My Other Selves: Film Screening & Panel Discussion

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Cheryl Dunye (THE WATERMELON WOMAN, THE OWLS) hosts a clever think tank panel featuring Bay Area media artists whose work explores the personal as political in their creative projects and productions.

Dunye, a native of Liberia, received her BA from Temple University and her MFA from Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Arts. Dunye received numerous national and international honors for her work in the media arts. Her fourth feature film THE OWLS, was celebrated at national and international film festivals in 2010. Her third feature film, Miramax's, MY BABY'S DADDY, was a box office success and played at theaters nationwide. Dunye's second feature, the acclaimed HBO Films, STRANGER INSIDE, garnered Dunye an Independent Spirit award nomination for best director in 2002. Dunye wrote, directed and starred in her first film which was the first African American lesbian feature film, THE WATERMELON WOMAN. Based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Dunye is at work on several new projects.
Part of the Califas Festival, a coproduction of Intersection for the Arts and the California Shakespeare Theater, a six week-long immersive, story-filled play yard of music, visual art, performance, and more in and around Intersection's headquarters at 5M (5th and Mission) in San Francisco. The Festival is the culminating event of the Califas Project, a year of multimedia creative exploration in communities around the state. The Festival will feature a new performance piece with text by renowned California playwright Luis Alfaro, commissioned songs from seven California jazz greats including Howard Wiley and Terrence Brewer, visual art from Joan Osato, Andrea Blum, Mia Nakano and other community voices.

This is the Califas Festival: a place to discover how our journeys - individual and shared - can help us dream the future of our state.
October 2-November 17, 2013
on the 5M Campus and around the state of California
Info: www.theintersection.org | www.calshakes.org


Presented by Intersection for the Arts

My Other Selves: Film Screening & Panel Discussion

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More Event Info (http://theintersection.org)
$5-15. Save event for more information and special offers
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