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ALDO A-List Event Pop Up Sip & Shop


#KikiwithKade ALDO Pop Up Sip & Shop A-List Event

ALDO (700 Broadway, Manhattan, NY) Map it Free
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FOR RELEASE September 1st, 2013
Media Contact: Kade Henderson, kades.mode@gmail.com

We are pleased to announce that Aldo and Kade is taking a giant leap forward and moving on towards a second pop up sip and shop A-list event. After the first fantastic pop up sip and ship of unparalleled success at Aldo, we have decided to take advantage of new opportunities. In this pop up A-List Event, Fashion Entrepreneur Kade Henderson from Kades Mode will contribute a section to dressing fashionable on a budget. You will see your favorite elements of a pop up sip and shop and even more from Kade. This is all in reverence of her website and blog re-launch that takes place November 23, 2013 via www.kadesmode.com.
Kade is a Fashion Entrepreneur “a hustler in the field of fashion that hustles by any means necessary”. Kade specializes in fashion and lifestyle blogging and wardrobe styling. Henderson’s credits span from Fashion Bomb Daily to Vogue Italia Magazine.
Stay on trend and dressing fashionable has never looked easier. The night will commence with a live DJ, pastries, cocktails, gift bags and the hottest Aldo shoe releases, all intertwined with the exclusive slice of Fashion Entrepreneurism from Kade Henderson. Her mission of “style, because the first thing judged is appearance” will be delivered through a live short presentation of how to dress fashionable on a budget all for free. No other wardrobe stylist is giving this advice for free and at an A-List Event.
We look forward to continuing our great relationships with sponsors, press, and all of her supporters—and with only 57 days until show time, Aldo staff and Kade has kicked into full gear. Kade and Aldo are committed to making this production a very trendy, and fun evening of sipping and shopping.
Anyone interested in getting involved as a sponsor, member of the press, or volunteer should contact Kades.Mode@gmail.com
For more information, please email kades.mode@gmail.com

- Kade Henderson

#KikiwithKade ALDO Pop Up Sip & Shop A-List Event

ALDO (700 Broadway, Manhattan, NY) Map it Free
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More Event Info (http://www.kadealdoalist.eventbrite.com)
RSVP and bring your ticket to the door! Save event for more information and special offers
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