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City Gem

A nighttime tour of some of Chinatown's historically infamous sites

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Once infamous for its opium dens, black markets and houses of ill repute, San Francisco’s Chinatown has cleaned up quite a bit from it’s rough and tumble heyday, although if you know how to ask and where to look, there’s still some dubiously legal fun to be had (hint: ask for ‘real’ fireworks). San Francisco historian Paul Drexler takes you on a nighttime tour of the neighborhood once famed for prostitution, opium dens, and shady dealings with stops at several of the more famous sites in the most densely populated neighborhood on the West Coast.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Obscura Society SF presents A Crook's Tour After Dark: Historic Chinatown

Sunday, February 16 5:30pm

Red's Place (672 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA, United States) Map it $25

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