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Craft beer by Pacific Brewing Laboratory and cephalopods at the Aquarium of the Bay

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Beer is good. Cephalopods are cool. Take the objectivity of these two statements as a starting point, throw in a dash of maybe a little bit questionable logic, and bam! Beer and cephalopods together is even greater than the sum of each part! At Octopalooza, sip on craft beer by Pacific Brewing Laboratory while you enjoy some quality time with one of the ocean’s smartest inhabitants, along with access to the whole Aquarium of the Bay, snacks, and a silent disco.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Octopalooza at Aquarium of the Bay

Wednesday, February 12 6:30pm

Aquarium of the Bay (2 Beach Street, San Francisco, CA, United States) Map it $35

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