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A behind-the-scene look at new work 'boulders and bones', inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

5487d57c14eed295e36abba87668d7f9?s=50 Nancy Tubbs

Get behind-the-scenes access to the work-in-progress of "boulders and bones", set to premiere at Dance Downtown this spring. Inspired by the work of visual artist Andy Goldsworthy and set to a commissioned score by acclaimed avant cellist Zoe Keating, "boulders and bones" touches on transformation in both art and nature. Happening for one night only, hear from the choreographers and dancers themselves as they share their own impressions and experiences about the creative process.

$25 General.

Presented by ODC/Dance

ODC/Dance Unplugged

Friday, February 7 7pm

ODC Dance Commons (351 Shotwell St, San Francisco, CA 94110) Map it $25

  • 5487d57c14eed295e36abba87668d7f9?s=50
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5487d57c14eed295e36abba87668d7f9?s=50 Added By Nancy Tubbs
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