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Learn to make classic cocktails like a pro at this special late night edition of Old School Booze

Okay, so maybe you can"t smoke in your office (like Don Draper), pound martinis during your two hour lunch break (like Don Draper), and seduce every single solitary female who walks across the tv screen (like...you know). But you can learn to mix a drink like Don Draper! In this oldie but goodie Workshop mixology class, Patrick Johnson, our resident Whiskey God, bartender extraordinaire from several of the citys top cocktail bars, teaches you the difference between a Manhattan and a Negroni, proper proportions and muddling techniques for a Mint Julep! Add in an old school proper Old Fashioned, some tricks with citrus and smoked oranges. He will cocktail jedi you in everything you need to know to make perfect old school drinks with a fancy flair, you will walk out ready to impress your friends with your skills and be able to dazzle dates with stellar drinks. We will also have a few of our badass Workshop screen printed cocktail rolls made from denim for sale, complete with the basic tools you will need and a shaker.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Old School Booze 101: Mad Men Cocktails Late Night Edition

Friday, November 15, 2013 8pm – 10pm

Workshop SF (1798 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it $48

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