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Please join William Turner Gallery at the opening reception for Skin/Deep, a new group exhibition.

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William Turner Gallery is pleased to present, Skin/Deep: Materiality, Sensuality and Paint, an exhibition of six innovative artists who continue to push and redefine the potential of paint. By working the skin and surfaces of their medium, they reveal works of exceptional depth and character. While the same could be argued for any artist who achieves a level of mastery with materials, what sets this group apart is their adventurous spirit to push the limits, to explore uncharted terrain. Taken together, the paintings exemplify a virtuosity of technique that extends the expressive possibilities of the medium, accomplished mainly through an intimate understanding of the nature of the materials and a desire to broaden the vocabulary. To achieve such unusually nuanced effects, inherent properties of materials are exploited and utilized to an exceptional degree. In each case, attention to surface textures and sensualities lead to paintings of uncommon depth and power. Inspired by the paintings of Mondrian and others, Ed Moses has re-contextualized the random crackling in the surfaces of these older works to create a charged visual poetry of color and texture. Casper Brindle has airbrushed his panels with high-end auto body paints coated with resin to create sublime atmospheres infused with saturated light. Intricately mixing and then pulling pearlescent paint over subtly shaped canvases, Andy Moses work conjures compelling spaces of exquisite depth and shifting light. Jennifer Wolf creates her own pigments by grinding and mixing rocks, minerals, coral, shells and charcoal to ply their differing densities into intricate striations and luminescent fields. Utilizing chrome and other unusual materials, Jimi Gleason paintings present highly burnished surfaces that dance with light against weathered backgrounds, creating an almost sculptural presence. Jordan Eagles has extended the painter’s medium of paint to include animal blood encased in resin to make gorgeous, moody works that are infused with a viscous sensuality and translucent light.

- http://www.williamturnergallery.com/

Skin/Deep: Materiality, Sensuality and Paint Opening Reception

Saturday, November 2, 2013 6:30pm – 8:30pm

William Turner Gallery (2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404) Map it Free

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