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James Franco steals Outfest. July 11 - 21

C420768ec0787d15b8c354f56f4e0938?s=50 Julian Hooper

It should come as no surprise that the queerest film at Outfest 2013 belongs to James Franco and director Travis Mathews. Franco has long flirted with gay culture in his work, but his new film 'Interior. Leather Bar' shows us why he's an important voice in film, period. Like most Franco vehicles, the premise of 'Interior' is an intriguing experiment; in 1980 director William Friedkin's gay-ploitation flick 'Cruising' introduced Al Pacino as an undercover cop in a seedy gay underworld. Friedken's leather bar was as subtle as Hades - rife with self-loathing and negative stereotypes - and and to avoid an x rating, the director cut 40 minutes of gay-themed footage. In 'Interior. Leather Bar,' Franco re-imagines those 40 minutes with new actors and a fresh new take on gay life. It's as much a reaffirming triumph of homo culture as it is an illuminating revelation into Franco's own psyche. Don't miss it.

- Julian Hooper, Flavorpill

Outfest 2013

July 11 – 21, 2013

Various Hollywood Locations (Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, United States) Map it Free

  • C420768ec0787d15b8c354f56f4e0938?s=50
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C420768ec0787d15b8c354f56f4e0938?s=50 Added By Julian Hooper
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