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Two elderly Jewish sisters living in Paris return to the German city of their youth.

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Oy! is the story of two German Jewish sisters, Selma and Jenny, who in 1995 in their late eighties are some of the last remaining witnesses to the period of Nazism in Europe. They return to their home in Paris after a trip to the German city of their youth. Upon their return to Paris, the sisters try to make something of the swirl of emotions, opinions and memories that have surfaced and all the things they were not able to express in Germany. Through their simple, flavorful work together, they begin to unravel the complexities of a society’s internalized racism – the broad anti-Semitism that so darkly colored their past.

Oy!: A Play by Helene Cixous

September 21 – October 20, 2013 Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays 8pm

The Actors' Gang Theatre (9070 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232) Map it $34

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