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Live Painting Live Music Live Party



The Bubble Lounge (228 W Broadway, New York, NY 10001, United States) Map it Free
3e97d66736125e541fd241f895f333ae?s=50 Edwin Arbito

We welcome you to join us this Saturday the 23rd at the lovely BUBBLE LOUNGE in TriBeCa. This venue, known for their large selection of champagne and sparkling wines, will our be home for PBNDJs XI! We have booked the wine cellar downstairs for the night to party so lets do it right!.

We will have 3 NEW ARTISTS joining us, as well as a NEW DJ in the MIX.

PAT KEARNS will be showing off his skills once again, unleashing those fine oils on canvas. New Artist #1 will be ED WHELAN creating something as timeless as the color black. New Artist #2, when asked for a short bio about himself he simply replied "I'm Rob... that's it", ROB THOMAS! New Artist #3 is an import visiting us from great city of Toronto, NICK GREGSON!

We're starting off our night with our man DAN GEREAUX on decks. I can already feel the chill VIBES. Newcomer CODY DE LA VARA will be our DJ for the rest of the night providing us with beats to bump two, three, four.

The night is Saturday the 23rd at 9pm! Be sure to come by and enjoy the DRINKS, MUSIC, and the MASTER PAINTERS.

For those that have always wanted to take a painting home from our events we will raffling off the painting done that night by the import NICK GREGSON!

Who knew watching paint dry could be so fun 8D.

See you all there!!
-PBnDJs Crew

Patrick Kearns http://patkearnsart.com/
Ed Whelan (you gotta see it to believe it)
Rob Thomas (the man without a face)
Nick Gregson http://www.nickgregson.ca/

Dan Gereaux(Resident) https://soundcloud.com/dan-gereaux
Cody De La Vara https://soundcloud.com/codygeronimo

The Bubble Lounge
228 W Broadway #1
New York, NY 10013

1 to Franklin Street
A-C-E-J-N-Q-R-6 to Canal Street

As always, Photography and Charm by Edwin Arbito.

Feel free to send invites out to those you think would be interested.
Thank you NYC for your ongoing support! Follow us in the twitterverse @PBnDJs
and check us out at http://www.PBnDJs.com/
and hit like @ www.facebook.com/pbndjs

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Live Painting + Live Music

- PBnDJs


The Bubble Lounge (228 W Broadway, New York, NY 10001, United States) Map it Free
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