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The world's leader in caviar brings its decadent, caviar-centric dishes to West Hollywood.

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

If you’d like to immerse yourself in a caviar-centric meal, or if you have a passion for smoked salmon, you should head over to Petrossian in West Hollywood. Chef Giselle Wellman heads up the kitchen, making decadent dishes with top-notch local and sustainable ingredients, along with caviar in a variety of types and price ranges. Petrossian is known as the ultimate purveyor of caviar - the world’s largest seller of these pearls of the sea, they’ve been in business for nearly a century. While renowned for their luxurious brunches (lavender mimosas FTW), Petrossian also excels at dinner. One of their best dishes is the Caviar Pasta: house-made pasta is enveloped in crème fraiche and caviar powder, then topped with chives. It’s simple, but luxurious and decadent. For the salmon lover, the Salmon Rillettes, pairing wild caught king salmon with smoked salmon, is a standout, as is the Tsar Cut Salmon Trio: classic smoked salmon, another dosed with black sea spices, and dill-marinated salmon. For the decadence of caviar combined with the freshness of summer, the Caviar Salad is an unexpected choice. Its medley of butter lettuce, shaved egg, shallots, chives, parsley, lemon, and crème fraîche tastes luxurious but light. Classic caviar dishes, such as the blinis with caviar, trout roe, and salmon roe, are excellent, as is the Egg Royale, a soft-boiled egg topped with caviar and vodka whipped cream.

Karin E. Baker Editor


June 15 – August 31, 2013

Petrossian (321 North Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA) Map it

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