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Decide what format is best for your creative material

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It's easier now than ever for a writer to succeed in pursuing writing projects in various mediums. But how do you decide what format is the best for your creative material? Are there certain styles or subjects that lend themselves better to a screenplay? Or is there an advantage to writing a novel first and possibly having a script follow? And where to begin?

Join us for an evening with novelist and award-winning filmmaker Priyanka Kumar, and film critic Peter Rainer—artists whose work jumps genres from screenwriting to literature and beyond—o discuss the challenges and advantages of pursuing different mediums for the written word.

Priyanka Kumar wrote, produced, and directed the feature documentary The Song of the Little Road, starring Martin Scorsese, Ravi Shankar, and Ismail Merchant, premiered at the Telluride Film Festival, and is in the permanent collection of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Her awards include the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Award, Canada Council for the Arts Film/Video Grant, and an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Fellowship.

Take Wing and Fly Here is her new novel -- the first in Kumar’s New West Trilogy, which explores our changing relationship with the outdoors in the American West.
Kumar received her M.F.A. from the University of Southern California School of Cinema-TV. She has lectured on filmmaking at UC Santa Cruz and on film culture at the University of Southern California.

Peter Rainer is currently the film critic for the online-only Christian Science Monitor, a film columnist for Bloomberg News, a regular on KPCC-FM’s Film Week, as well as president of the National Society of Film Critics. He wrote Biography episodes for A&E about Sidney Poitier and the John Huston clan. A Pulitzer Prize finalist, he won Best Online Entertainment Critic in the 2010 National Entertainment Journalism Awards.

His most recent book Rainer on Film: Thirty Years of Film Writing in a Turbulent and Transformative Era was published last year.

Pictures vs. Words - Should You Write a Script or a Novel? with Priyanka Kumar and Peter Rainer

Tuesday, March 25 7pm

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe (126 Crosby St NY, NY) Map it Free

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