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Illustration + lubrication motivation

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Join us for beer, figure drawing and monotypes every-other Thursday at Gowanus Print Lab! Admission gets you tipsy, a brief monotype demo, access to live costumed model, and 1 free blank screen and some trans base to create monotypes! Bring in chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolors, sidewalk chalk, compressed charcoal and neocolor crayons to create your monotypes- artist crayons, newsprint and paper are available for purchase right here in the studio.

Things to bring >>>

.. a drawing board
.. paper
.. pastels
.. chalk pastels
.. water soluble oil pastels
.. watercolors
.. sidewalk chalk
.. compressed charcoal
.. neocolor crayons
.. colored pencils (not suitable for use on the screens)
.. markers (not suitable for use on the screens)
.. artist pens (not suitable for use on the screens)

- http://www.gowanusprintlab.com/pints-n-prints.html

Pints N Prints Figure Drawing

March 14 – March 14, 2013 Thursdays


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