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A series of works and installation by Australian-based artists, exhibiting exciting new works


Pop-Up Event: Paramour & Little Voices

Superchief Gallery (136 Jackson Street, New York, NY) Map it Free
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New York- Juliet Silva Yee of Pop Up Art Event is pleased to announce ‘PARAMOUR’ & ‘LITTLE VOICES’, a series of works and installation by Australian-based photographer, Andy Faraday and artist, Hayley Welsh, in what will be their second exhibition in New York. Distinct in their creative methods, both artists push the boundaries of their artistic genera’s to new extremes. Faraday and Welsh invite the audience to escape into an intimate world of whimsy, juxtaposed with sensuality and darkness. Super Chief Gallery will exhibit the new works inspired by the couple’s 3 month journey via Australia, in a hired school bus from San Francisco to New York. The Pop Up Art Show ‘PARAMOUR’ & ‘LITTLE VOICES’ will run from June 12- 14, the opening reception will take place on Thursday, June 12th, from 6p-10p (9 Clinton St, NY, NY 10002).
‘PARAMOUR’ - Photographer Andy Faraday invites us to experience a one on one, uniquely personal engagement between image and viewer, through a combination of 3D stereoscopic photography and film, exhibited in 3D ViewMasters. Faraday, has masterfully ‘discovered how to stain a single moment with light onto film, using the process and the results as a tool to convey his thoughts and story.’
In his upcoming exhibition PARAMOUR, he focuses on a journey with a collection of anonymous paramours, a seduction of the mind and body. Faraday’s salient images take us on an emotional adventure, exposing the alluring sensation of relationships in untroubled, light photographs and darker undertones of wistfulness. As we gaze into this intimate world, where he has captured spectrums of light and color echoing that of life, we step out of our reality, summoned to sun and sand on windswept beaches, allowing us to experience a secret odyssey, with our very own paramour. ‘When I was a kid I used to imagine I could hold a camera up to my head and project my thoughts and visions directly into the lens. Now I guess I do that for real.’ -Andy Faraday

‘LITTLE VOICES’ - Hayley Welsh showcases a new series of original paintings in her upcoming show titled LITTLE VOICES, following a sold out show ‘A Place For Us’ in Australia. Using found objects as her canvas, Hayley creates whimsical new worlds, with surreal wide-eyed characters as our guides. The paintings display a technical approach, mixed with nostalgia and humor, yet her playful aura is juxtaposed with darker undertones of the unknown and abyss. The new works reflect the exploration for one’s inner child, listening to the ‘voices within’, whilst encouraging the viewer to look for the beauty in the mundane, searching the concept of humanity’s constant battle with self hate and pursuit of ‘happiness’. “Although my work seems quite whimsical and light hearted, the themes of my work are usually from a darker more complex place.
The little characters within the paintings symbolize the ‘voices’ inside my head’-Hayley Welsh

From April to June - Hayley Welsh will be (painting) and Andy Faraday (photographing), while they travel from San Francisco to New York City in a refurbished school bus, collecting found objects and creating new works along the way, solely for the New York Pop Up Art Event at Super Chief Gallery. Part proceeds from both of these exciting new shows, will be donated to charity’s supporting depression, in particular ManTherapy.org

- Pop-Up Art Event

Pop-Up Event: Paramour & Little Voices

Superchief Gallery (136 Jackson Street, New York, NY) Map it Free
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