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Practice taking pictures in Manual Mode for 3 hours!!!

Small_29ce6efcbfbbbe98291e67c2c4db9e9e PhotoUno Photography School

Many photography enthusiasts enjoy photographing in manual mode to take full control of the ways their pictures look by controlling ISO, aperture and shutter. In this three hour class students will continue to practice and refine their use of the manual mode in their cameras.

Students will photograph in various lighting situations: indoors and outdoors to achieve proper focus, exposure control and images with shallow or deep depth of field, frozen or blurry motion, composition as well as using on-camera flash. Histograms will be explained and used to fine tune students exposures.

This class is ideal for students who learned how to control their camera but want to practice with the guidance of an instructor.

In this 3 hour class we will spend 2 hours practicing and reviewing camera settings.

The last hour will be dedicated to reviewing student work produced during class so students leave with an idea of why images work better than others in terms of exposure and composition.

Practicing Manual Mode

Sunday, September 15, 2013 2pm

PhotoUno Photography School (222 East 46th street Suite 303S) Map it $60

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