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Learn how to use the HD video camera board and become an expert on Raspberry Pi computers.


Raspberry Pi Camera Module Workshop – Time Lapse Video

Machine Project (1200-D N Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90026) Map it $195
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In this workshop we will cover getting started with Raspberry Pi computers, with an emphasis using the HD video camera board. Filmmakers, video artists, VJs, and photographers are encouraged to attend, but anyone with a general curiosity about the Raspberry Pi is welcome. You’ll take home your Raspberry Pi Camera Board, and the knowledge on how to continue using it in your work.

The first class session will focus on getting the Raspberry Pi set up, learning the commands for the HD camera board and preparing a time lapse video capture script using the Python programming language. For homework, each student will shoot a time lapse video of their choice.

In the second class meeting we will cover how to convert the time lapse images into a video file for presentation. Each student will then show their time lapse video to the class. As time permits we will also cover modifications for the time lapse script, capturing video files to disk and using the pi camera board’s image effects remotely as a realtime “Video Synth.” We’ll also demonstrate a pan and tilt servo controller for the camera board.

Participants should bring a Mac laptop running OSX with an SD card reader, and a usb keyboard and usb mouse. Once you enroll, we’ll send you details on how to download the free Terminal software we’ll use to program the Raspberry Pi.

Participants should be of high school age or older. Intermediate computer skills are required for this class. Basic command line experience is very useful, and experience with the Python programming language is helpful but not required.

Instructor: Clay Chaplin

- machine project

Raspberry Pi Camera Module Workshop – Time Lapse Video

Machine Project (1200-D N Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90026) Map it $195
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More Event Info (http://machineproject.com/blog/2014/03/12/raspberry-pi-camera-module-workshop-time-lapse-video/)
Enrollment has ended. Please email machine@machineproject.com to be put on the advance notification list for future Raspberry Pi classes. $175 for members // $195 for non-members Save event for more information and special offers
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