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Win Reebok swag + tickets to NYC's latest alternative music showcase

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R.A.W. One Year Anniversary featuring artists I/O, Lucille Ghatti, Teresajanee and Mike Dos, & Kitty Cash. Powered by Reebok Classics.

R.A.W. (Real Art Works), is the ultimate experience dedicated to the growing market of alternative music. This show series is a platform for the crop of genre-defying artists who aren’t confined to stylistic labels. R.A.W. encumbers a diverse group of performances ranging from new to established, with a mission to bring recognition to the growing presence of alternative progressive music.


R.A.W. One Year Anniversary

Wednesday, February 5 7:30pm

204 Varrick Street (204 Varick Street, New York, NY, United States) Map it $10

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